Europes biggest educational professional grooming event

Europes biggest educational professional grooming event with International grooming competition, top seminars, workshops, mini tradeshow, kids competition modeldog and many more...




Lisette De Cauwer <br /><br />
Paola Acco <br /><br />
Anna Bardysheva <br /><br />
Clayton Muniz <br /><br />
Allison Foley <br /><br />
Martial Carré <br /><br />
Sylvie Aelvoet <br /><br />
Rony Demunter <br /><br />
Linda Barker <br /><br />
Peter Ensel <br /><br />
Umberto Lehmann <br /><br />
Kristin Buyle <br /><br />
Kitty Ponnet <br /><br />
Ilse Frenk-Kleton <br /><br />
Biagio Cellamare <br /><br />
Gia Anslin <br /><br />
Sonia Luengo <br /><br />
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meet our professionals

  • Lisette De Cauwer <br /><br />

    Lisette De Cauwer

    The very well known Lisette is an experienced West Highland Terrier groomer, who has over 20 years of experience in Westy breeding, showing and working with Westy’s, her kennel name is “Or Is Kinloch Castle”. She and her husband Roger have had great successes at dog shows both on a National and International level including, Poznan in Poland, the European exhibitions in Vienna, Madrid, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Italy, etc. It was also the home of several champions, Orville or Tom marc, Tiffany du Bois des Maîtres, Ragdoll Sweet Honey-pie, Venus the Maîtres du bois. Orville was multiple champion and at age 7 third best veteran in show at the European exhibition in Genoa. Venus was Belgium and International Champion as well Bundesjugend sieger and Luxembourg Junior Champion. She also became BOB at 101 Westy’s terrier special in Germany.This is just a small selection of her Westy past. Lisette learned how to groom from the best in the business, the late Mr.. Roland Meeusen-Kreten (RIP) and Mrs. Michelle Wouters.

  • Paola Acco <br /><br />

    Paola Acco

    Paola is very experienced in grooming and knows the dogbusiness very well. She won countless titles: Best in Show, Italian Champion, has won medals all over Europe and the USA,… She has her own grooming school, gives seminars and demonstrations, organizes the Italian Championship and is an all round Judge for the EGA.

  • Anna Bardysheva <br /><br />

    Anna Bardysheva

    Anna is a recognized expert in grooming of many breeds not only in Russia but all over the world. 
She has won multiple titles and prizes. She owns a grooming salon and the authorial grooming school "Berry Grooming".

  • Clayton Muniz <br /><br />

    Clayton Muniz

    "Since his teenage years Clayton worked with pets in the Vet Hospital. For over 22 years the art of grooming has been his passion. In 2006 he startet competing and won a lot of medals in Super Zoo, Best in Shows, competed in the World Championship in Italy,… Nowadays he has his own shop, Super Pets, and lives in America with his family, Toy Poodle and Bichon Frisé. "

  • Allison Foley <br /><br />

    Allison Foley

    After her first handling experience when she was 7 years old, she won more than 550 ‘Best in Shows’ with various breeds, but Poodles are her passion. Because she has been a professional handler since 1987 and she writes for several dog magazines worldwide, she has a wealth of knowledge and a whimsical view on life that she brings to her demo’s.

  • Martial Carré <br /><br />

    Martial Carré

    Martial Carré from France is a very famous breeder and groomer, he already won various prices and medals in grooming competitions and dog shows.

  • Sylvie Aelvoet <br /><br />

    Sylvie Aelvoet

  • Rony Demunter <br /><br />

    Rony Demunter

    Rony De Munter is a world famous breeder, groomer and handler of Fox Terriërs. With his unique breeding line and kennel "Van Foliny Home" he created a top level bloodline with world class. After having won a lot of titles here and abroad, he won ‘Best Terriër’ of the group with one of his dogs at Crufts 2014 and competed at the same show for ‘Best in Show’. Rony also gives coarses about terriërs and teaches groomers in many different schools in Belgium. He is a famous all round jury member at grooming events. Not only Rony but also his partner Dieny Uiterwijk has won ‘Best in Show’ in the past at the world famous dog show Crufts.

  • Linda Barker <br /><br />

    Linda Barker

    Linda is a driven dog groomer with a big hart for animals. Even when she was little Poodles were a big part of her life, as for showing Poodles. Unexpectedly she entered the dog grooming business, with success. She won a lot of Poodle classes and Best in Show’s.

  • Peter Ensel <br /><br />

    Peter Ensel

    Peter has been a breeder of more than 10 different breeds. He has multiple homebred champions in mini Bulls, Kerry’s and Lakie’s. In 2017 he won group 4 in the Terrier group at Crufts. After being in the British Junior team and the groom team England, he’s now an EGA Judge.

  • Umberto Lehmann <br /><br />

    Umberto Lehmann

    In 1985 he started giving formation and specialization courses in his grooming school. From 1985 – 2001 he won several medals al around the world in all groups. In 2001 he got second place in the World Team Championship with the European Team. Umberto judged in more than 250 competitions, gave more than 350 demonstrations and was International Groomer of the Year 1987. Now he’s Oster Ambassador and President of the EGA.

  • Kristin Buyle <br /><br />

    Kristin Buyle

    For the last 12 years the succesfull Kristin has been breeding the Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers with pasion and enthusiasm and through winnnings grown to be an absolute European top breeder, her very well known kennelname is “from Kizzy's Paradise " In addition, Kristin has been a professional groomer for 27 years and has been winning prizes at grooming competitions she has won 4 x gold, 2 x silver and 1 bronze, Kristin Strives not only for perfect dogs in her kennel but also exelent grooming and cheerful and healthy dogs she is a true SCWT specialist. For Kristin it’s very important to have to right products and material and to groom taking acount of the different coat types of this breed.She is currently focussing on teaching and giving grooming courses in her grooming shop and since 2014 part of the Belgian Groom Team.

  • Kitty Ponnet <br /><br />

    Kitty Ponnet

    Kitty started with a goal: "Aiming for perfection". Her biggest wisdom is that no one ever knows enough about their profession. She's won several bronze, silver and gold medals in Europe and in the US and she also has a best in show on her résumé

  • Ilse Frenk-Kleton <br /><br />

    Ilse Frenk-Kleton

    Ilse has been a groomer for over 30 years and she has a grooming salon in Amerongen, the Netherlands. She loves to share her passion for dog grooming and has won different grooming competitions. Apart from her daily grooming activities, she’s a teacher and course leader in dog grooming at the Course center Pet care Barneveld and she gives training tests at the “Huisdier Kennis Instituut”.

  • Biagio Cellamare <br /><br />

    Biagio Cellamare

    Biagio Cellamare is an Italian handler and Groomer who specialises in breeding, grooming and handling poodles. He brought up a lot of champions in dog shows and won more than once “Best Italian Groomer”! He grooms and handles all breeds from the groups 1,2,3,8,9 and 10.

  • Gia Anslin <br /><br />

    Gia Anslin

    Gia Anslin started learning grooming after getting a maltese. This motivated groomer started her own shop in April 2004 and has been competing quite successfully since 2007. After winning several golden medals in different classes all over Europe, Gia’s next challenge is to start competing in ‘spaniel and setter class’, where she will undoubtedly also reach the top.

  • Sonia Luengo <br /><br />

    Sonia Luengo

    Sonia changed her carreer from hairdresser to doggroomer in 2011. Now she’s a member of the Artero Creative Team and she has won multiple medals in Europe and the USA. Her grooming salon Que Pelos is one of the beste salons in Spain. She also teaches at Artero X-Perience.


Europes biggest educational professional grooming event

Europes biggest educational professional grooming event with International grooming competition, top seminars, workshops, mini tradeshow, kids competition modeldog and many more...